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Material Safety Data Sheet Copyright, 2006, 3M Company. All rights reserved. Copying and/or downloading of this information for the purpose of properly utilizing 3M products is allowed provided that: (1) the information is copied in full with no changes unless prior written agreement is obtamed from 3M, and (2) neither the copy nor the origiilal is resold or otherwise distributed with the intention of earning a profit thereon. PRODUCT NAME: 3M(TM) Super Red Putty, P.N. 05972 AMNUFACTURER: 3M DIVISION: Automotive Aftermarket ADDRESS: 3M Center St. Paul, MN 55 144-1000 I EMERGENCY PHONE: 1-800-364-3577 or (651) 737-6501 (24 hours) I Issue Date: 10/02/2006 Supercedes Date: 12/02/2005 Document Group: 10-2852-1 Product Use: Specific Use: Glazing Putty for Automotive Pinholes and Scratches I SECTIOX 2: IR'GREDIESTS 1 Ingredient TALC N-BUTYL ACETATE BARIUM SULFATE OXIDIZED SOYBEAN OIL NITROCELLULOSE XYLENE TOLUENE ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL IRON OXIDE BIS(2-ETHY LHEXYL)PHTHALATE BUTYL ALCOHOL KAOLIN ETHYL ALCOHOL QUARTZ SILlCA C.A.S. No. 14807-96-6 123-86-4 7727-43-7 68 152-8 1-8 9004-70-0 1330-20-7 108-88-3 67-63-0 1332-37-2 117-81-7 7 1-36-3 1332-58-7 64- 17-5 14808-60-7 3.1 ElMERGENCY OVERVIEW Specific Physical Form: Paste Page 1 of 9